What is "Malam Inspirasi Seni"?

   Malam Inspirasi Seni (MIS) or (Islamic) Arts Inspiration Night is one of the alternative entertainments for Muslim community in our campus where they can perform nasheed or songs about worshiping Allah the Almighty, praising our beloved Prophet p.b.u.h., or simply deliver songs of good characteristics of human kind. This event will be a competition between talented Muslims in our campus. Moreover, the organizers are hopefully to implement Islamic deeds before, during, as well as after the singing competition. There will be two (2) categories which are local category and international category.

Motivation : Silence Please!

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Golden Silence?

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Are you talkative? Articulate maybe?
I’m also chatty, articulate, loud and expressive. Since I was a little boy, there is one thing that made me reflect and I’ve tried my life to follow it but I just can’t. It’s hard.

What is it?
It’s being silent.

When I learned the truth behind this, I tried to keep quiet although I’ve failed many times. It is proven that when I practice this in my life, I feel more relaxed and calm, more time to think and contemplate. In other words, I feel like the time is with me, like life is really mine.

Multimedia : Create A Sony Ericsson G900 Poster

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Sony Ericsson G900 - A Photoshop tutorial

As announced on the deviation, I’ve created a tutorial of the Sony Ericsson G900 picture.
I’ve tried to create it as easy as possible that you can understand every step. All right, lets start !

Palestine : Konflik Palestin-Israel, Siapa Sebenarnya Yang Mahukan Keamanan

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Sungguhpun terdapat jauhnya perbezaan antara apa yang bakal dilepaskan Israel dan apa yang apa yang bakal diterima pihak berkuasa Palestin sebagai asas perdamaian konflik, pemimpin-pemimpin negara lain terutamanya Washington terus melakukan usaha-usaha untuk membawa proses rundingan kembali ke titik mula.
Tidak cukupkah lagi tanda keengganan Israel mematuhi perjanjian pemberhentian pembinaan kawasan penempatan haram untuk hanya 90 hari sehinggakan mereka dijanjikan tawaran-tawaran menarik oleh pentadbiran Obama (20 jet pejuang F-35 yang boleh digunakan untuk menyerang Iran; jaminan dari Amerika untuk memveto mana-mana usaha Keselamatan untuk memperakui negara Palestin; dan jaminan bahawa Israel tak perlu lagi memberhentikan pembinaan penempatan haramnya).
Ini seolah-olah meminta seorang perompak tegar yang bersenjata untuk berhenti merompak beberapa buah bank selama 3 bulan dengan jaminan akan dibayar sejumlah wang yang besar sebagai ‘ganti’.
Keadilan haruslah dilihat dari sudut memenuhi hak-hak rakyat Palestin yang sekian lama dinafikan, terutamanya hak untuk hidup dengan kesungguhan yang sekian lama cuba dihancurkan.

Self Improvement Tips : Know Your Time Well; Key to Success

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An old friend of mine once said to me, “There’s a myth that’s going around these days, the myth says: If you can manage your time, you can do anything!”. Four years from hearing this advice, I don’t believe it’s a myth anymore.

We all hear about time management and it’s importance, and people shout at us from time to time that we should time manage properly, but rarely do we hear a concise methodology of how to time manage!

In order to understand how to time manage, you firstly need to understand what time management is about. Time management is not about managing your time, because technically, you cannot manage something you have no control over! (Can you stop, start time?!) – Time management is simply managing yourself in a way that makes use of the time sphere we’re in.

So HOW exactly we do that?